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Friendly Computer Support for Tamworth and the local areas
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Remember, No question is too silly!
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Welcome   to   the   Glen’ll   Fix   I.T.   website.      My   name   is   Glen   O’Carroll   and   I   fix   and   teach   I.T.      Or   as   we   commonly   know   them Computers, PC’s, Laptops, tablets in fact all gadgets. I   am   certified   in   I.T.   and   have   been   since   2006   (although   I’ve   been   working   with   I.T.   since1992).      I   don’t   know   everything,   no   one does, but I like to think that I can solve most problems. I’m Tamworth based, but will travel further afield within reason. I   don’t   mind   questions,   and   no,   it’s   not   too   silly   to   ask. All   you   have   to   do   is   simply   drop   me   an   email.   or   if   your   email   isn’t   working give me a call on the numbers above. I   will   be   open   and   upfront   with   the   charges.      I   will   always   give   you   a   quote   before   I   start   any   work.      However,   during   the   course   of a   repair,   sometimes   parts   have   to   be   replaced.      These   parts   will   be   charged   for,   but   I   will   always   contact   you   before   going   ahead with their purchase.
Remember, no job is too small and no question is too silly